Powerful Database
& Cloud Technologies

The foundation of any good enterprise application solution rests on the technology upon which it is built. The Data Intensity difference in supporting full-stack enterprise application solutions across any cloud platform requires expertise in best-of-breed technologies up and down the stack.

The world-class Managed and Professional services we deliver to our customers are founded on an ever-expanding portfolio of technology products from a variety of best-in-class vendors. As we lead technology transitions for our customers, the cost of entry is maintaining highly skilled expertise up and down the stack from cloud and infrastructure platforms to business analytics and enterprise applications that serve the process that power your business.


Data Intensity’s vast experience with Enterprise Application platforms gives you the technical and Functional Support (FAST) to drive business outcomes and maximize return on your existing application investments.

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Data Intensity provides world-class managed database services at scale, ensuring that the availability and performance of mission-critical data is aligned with the speed and goals of your business.

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Data Intensity provides Functional Support (FAST) capabilities for on-premise and cloud-based BI and analytics tools, paired with the expertise to help you navigate which tools are right for your enterprise as the industry trends toward service-based offerings.

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Integration Platforms

At the forefront of a growing number of integration technologies and platforms, Data Intensity offers proven expertise in supporting data, cloud, and application integration in a multi-cloud strategy.

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Cloud Platforms

A leading managed cloud platforms services provider, Data Intensity serves as an objective third-party to design, implement, and support workloads of critical business processes on the best-fit cloud platform for your enterprise across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS services.

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Data Intensity’s support of application server middleware platforms combines two-decades’ knowledge of legacy systems with the design constructs of new technologies to help you modernize workloads, lower costs, and scale capacity.

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A leader in mapping enterprise workloads to new infrastructure platforms and technologies since 2001, Data Intensity is uniquely qualified to support your infrastructure technologies for optimal performance, scalability, security, and availability.

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Data Intensity’s OS and virtualization technologies support combines an understanding of legacy technology footprints with expertise in a variety of third-party infrastructure-based virtualization platforms and cutting-edge cloud-native capabilities.

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Service Management

Data Intensity provides multiple ways to integrate service ticketing capabilities through managed services providers and ITSM integration, increasing your teams’ ability to address issues precisely.

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