Careers in Cloud and Database Technology

Work With Data Intensity

We are a dynamic and passionate team dedicated to delivering exceptional results for our clients.

As part of our team, you’ll help deliver purpose-built solutions and services focused on the life-cycle design, implementation, and support of Oracle technologies that power our clients’ businesses. Clients choose us — and stay with us — because working with Data Intensity allows them to focus on their critical business needs while we focus on their applications and multi-cloud investments to drive faster time-to-value.

Culture Matters

We strive to create a true team culture.

We are passionate about our core values and our teams respect and support each other. We intentionally generate a work environment where our teams are enthusiastic and committed to achieving our goals. What does that look like? It looks like a common purpose, a connection, and a sense of belonging that fuels and empowers us. Our communication is clear, open, and inclusive. Our teams are dynamic, always put others first, and work together to achieve our common goals.

Career Progression and Advancement

We offer the best opportunity to work on innovative solutions in our industry.

We encourage our team to take on new challenges and provide great opportunities for career progression and advancement. We invest in our workforce through continuing education, mentorships, and collaborative work models. Our experts are always expanding their knowledge base – obtaining new certifications, participating in training courses, and staying current with industry trends and advancements. Team members thrive in their roles and their expertise extends to all corners of the organization.

Employee Recognition

We understand that our success as a company is directly tied to the talent, dedication, and innovation of our team members.

That’s why we have an employee recognition program that celebrates milestones, innovative thinking, teamwork, and successes. We also encourage peer-to-peer recognition, so colleagues can nominate and appreciate each other’s efforts. We take pride in our team and make it a point to acknowledge exceptional talent.

Work-Life Balance

We value work-life balance and prioritize the well-being of our employees.

We offer a range of benefits for our employees, from comprehensive compensation and healthcare plans to generous holiday/vacation time and a range of wellness initiatives, activities, and resources. In addition to traditional benefits, we also offer flexible work arrangements, including remote work options, where applicable. We know that life extends beyond the office, and we are committed to supporting the well-being of our team.

Our Core Values:

We put the client first

We are proactive, collaborative, and committed to the success of our clients.

We nurture our people

The foundation of our collaborative success is rooted in intellectual curiosity, lifetime learning, and perpetual advancement.

What we say is what we do

Our word is our pact – when we commit to act, we are accountable to perform.

Trust fuels success

We place great trust in our team members to act, lead, and perform in the best interests of our collective success.

Diversity is lightning in a bottle

We respect, celebrate, and embrace the diversity of our global team members for greater collaborative impact.


Work with Data Intensity in Cloud & Database Technology

Data Intensity is the largest independent multi-cloud services provider focused on managing mission-critical applications and services in a hybrid cloud world. As part of our community of network engineers and cloud architects, you’ll help deliver purpose-built solutions and services focused on the life-cycle design, implementation, and support of technologies that power our clients’ businesses.