Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Data Intensity believes that modern slavery and human trafficking have no place in the ethical conduct of business. To affirmatively ensure that modern slavery and human trafficking, in any and all of its forms, is afforded no foothold within our business activities or supply chain, we require our business partners, Vendors, Contractors and Supply Chain, at every tier, to adhere, at a minimum, to the standards espoused in our Code of Conduct. Data Intensity remains vigilant of national legislation within each jurisdiction in which we conduct business and ensure that our Code of Conduct is regularly updated consistent with any changes in the law.

Data Intensity has developed our Code of Conduct to ensure:

  • All workers are provided safe, healthy working conditions and receive at least the minimum wage in the jurisdiction in which they work.
  • That all workers have the right to work within their jurisdiction. This is accomplished by conducting adequate, nondiscriminatory and consistent background screenings, and checks to ensure that all applicants meet minimum standards of compliance within the appropriate Statutory requirements for employment.
  • That we use only fully vetted and reputable recruitment agencies, who adhere to full Statutory requirements concerning right to work, and background checks and are in complete compliance with the Modern Slavery legislation.
  • That appropriate procedures and safeguards are in place and maintained to allow employees to report, without fear of retaliation, any matters related to human trafficking or forced labor. Data Intensity maintains and periodically updates, as necessary a completely safe and confidential Human Resources reporting hotline. Furthermore, Human Resource personnel are equally available to any employee, under the same conditions of confidentiality, security and without fear of retaliation, if they wish to voice their concerns in person.

Data Intensity is dedicated not only to continually maintain but to regularly update our policies and procedures to ensure that our employees, Supply Chain, Vendors and Contractors are cognizant of and strictly adhere, as a minimum, to our Code of Conduct.