Challenges of Database Upgrades

In evaluating any database upgrade, many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as support timeframes, functional capabilities, technical infrastructure, business process automation, integration interfaces, and customizations, to name a few. Software upgrades can affect every area of your network, curtailing your business’ ability to stay agile and support existing technology initiatives.

The challenge lies in tracking all the moving parts when considering your network upgrade strategy. Over the life of an Oracle EBS environment, data anomalies accumulate for a variety of reasons, including changing business requirements, configuration updates, and customizations needed to support business process changes. Such anomalies need to be identified, remediated, and moved to the associated future production environment to ensure there are no unknown issues that can inflate your upgrade budget and timeline.

Solutions for Upgrading Software

Data Intensity’s world-class global technical and functional professional services team provides upgrade services specifically geared to design, implement, and support Oracle ERP applications, databases, and middleware. The security and resilience of your network relies on a consistent and effective upgrade plan, to ensure that your database platforms aren’t subject to outdated versions and patches.

Leveraging our proven methodology for managing database upgrades, Data Intensity focuses on the customer’s business process requirements to ensure that performance, security, and reliable integration are all achieved on time and on budget, with zero downtime. With our vast experience and certified credentials in delivering Oracle applications, database platforms, Engineered Systems, and Cloud platform services, our teams have remained on the leading edge of best practices to create and execute upgrade strategies for thousands of environments, both on-premises and cloud-based.

Benefits of Upgrade Services

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