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The High Cost of ‘Low Cost, Third-Party’ Oracle Support

Right-Size Your Oracle Support

At first glance, moving to a third-party Oracle support provider looks like a great option. Third parties boldly advertise they’ll ‘slash your support bill’ or ‘save you 60% off Oracle Support costs’. But cost isn’t—and should never be—the only consideration.

Oracle third-party support providers cannot and do not provide official’ or even affiliated’ Oracle Support contracts: they provide simple consultancy services around your Oracle estate and inventory. Third-party Oracle support companies cannot upgrade you to latest releases, cannot administer source code change, and cannot administer critical upgrade and security patches.

Third-party support providers don’t publish examples of the disruption, the loss of service, and the risks that come with leaving Oracle Support, including:

  • Loss of primary Oracle Support & Maintenance features
    • Software Upgrades – None
    • Patching – None
    • Critical Security Updates – None
  • Access to Oracle’s 18,000 dedicated Oracle support personnel – Gone
  • Access to Oracle’s 20,000 Oracle Partners offering Community Support – Gone
  • Access to Oracle Product Management – Gone
  • Access to Oracle Product Engineers – Gone
  • Audit risk goes up – When you leave Oracle, the company will likely initiate an audit to protect their IP

If–or more likely, when–you need to return to Oracle for Oracle Support it will be very expensive.

Data Intensity’s Oracle Support Optimization can help your business when it comes to Oracle Support renewals, Oracle Support negotiation and reducing Oracle Support costs, helping your business unify, simplify and extend Oracle support — with Oracle.

The Pressure to Reduce Spend Has Never Been Greater

CIOs and IT leaders are challenged to do many things: Drive innovation. Transform the organization. Modernize legacy systems. Maintain compliance and security. Enhance customer experience. Don’t forget the biggest challenge of all: Reduce costs. How exactly are you supposed to do that, while also achieving the above? Oracle users often try to reduce costs by leaving Oracle support for a low-cost, third-party provider, only to realize—too late—that it is a costly mistake.

If you’re considering leaving Oracle Support for a third party, are currently with third-party support and now need assistance getting back to Oracle, or otherwise feeling stuck, contact us. Our Oracle experts are ready to talk.

Data Intensity Right-Sizes Oracle Support

Data Intensity’s Oracle Support Optimization helps reduce spend without compromise, through:

Software Asset Management

Our License Management offering provides assessments and recommendations based on your unique data, goals and objectives.

Consolidation & Efficient Optimization of Oracle Contracts

Stop paying for everything you’re entitled to; We'll ensure you pay only for what you’re using.

Transparent Data Assessments & Inventory Adjustments

Your estate changes over time, meaning your support and licensing needs change as well, and we continually monitor your landscape to make adjustments to your support.

Continuous Cloud Readiness & Compatibility Assessments

Unsure of the best time to move to the cloud? Our experts will routinely monitor your business’ needs and the Oracle landscape to advise the right time to make the move.

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