Challenges of Technology Implementation

Technology implementation begins with a structured architectural design to optimize interoperability, performance, security, scalability, and operational supportability. These design points are critical elements as part of a continuum to successful implementation services by expert resources.

Fresh deployments often require in-depth research, cross-functional requirements gathering, project planning, usability testing, customization assessments, and a host of project budget-mapping activities, all of which can be extremely time-consuming if not adequately trained and tooled. Whether your database implementation needs are related to new application modules, workload consolidation projects, cloud platform services, ecosystem middleware deployments, or holistic digital transformation initiatives, one thing is certain: Business process mapping is critical to realize expected outcomes.

The biggest challenge most organizations face is that database implementation activities are an execution step in a broader design framework. If not properly designed, cloud implementation activities can elongate time-to-value, increase costs, and increase project risk. When it comes to successful implementation services for Oracle EBS applications on-premises, cloud or SaaS-based, database platforms, and Oracle Engineered Systems, don’t place your hopes for the success of your Digital Transformation or consolidation projects in the wrong hands. Project implementation success is not measured in minutes or days; instead, it’s measured in months and years.

Solutions for Database Implementation

Leveraging over two decades of leading technology transitions for our customers, Data Intensity’s unique functional and technical expertise has resulted in over 3,225 cloud implementations of Oracle ERP applications, databases, middleware, Oracle Engineered Systems, Cloud services, integration platforms, and BI/analytics tools.

As more applications are shifting to “as-a-Service” consumption models, and virtualization technologies continue to squeeze more capability into smaller footprints, Data Intensity maintains vital competencies in both legacy and digital economy platforms to maximize the effectiveness of your Digital Transformation projects. Data Intensity maintains over 25 application, cloud, and infrastructure specializations across Oracle EBS, AWS, Microsoft, and a host of third-party middleware tools, and is a Global Certified EIS Implementation Partner for Oracle Engineered Systems.

Benefits of Implementation Services

  •   Assessment Services
  •   Design Services
  •   Upgrade Services
  •   Migration Services
  •   Professional Services
  •   Applications, Database and Middleware Services
  •   Cloud & Infrastructure
  •   Hybrid Cloud Platforms

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