Easily Manage Oracle Apps

With Data Intensity’s Enterprise Applications Service

Now Is The Time For A Cloud-Based Enterprise Application Management Solution.

All-Inclusive Oracle Application Management Delivered "as a Service"

Are you stuck in a long-term, high-priced services contract that doesn’t fully meet your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) needs, and still overtasks your internal staffing? Factor in aged infrastructure and you incur more risk plus increased maintenance costs. Without the most current and full-depth EBS expertise, your IT staff also struggles to keep pace with Oracle licensing, security patches, critical updates, and operational compliance.

Optimize Oracle EBS, IT Staff, And Cloud Spend

Data Intensity has an innovative, cloud-based solution to help remedy today’s IT financial and staffing challenges.

Our goal is to provide cost-effective, all-inclusive EBS application and database management and support—for the entire lifecycle of your assets—balanced with the agility you need to run business-critical operations.

You can trust Data Intensity to optimize your Oracle investment and overall IT effectiveness with our Enterprise Applications Service Enabled (EASE) portfolio—an Oracle Apps and Database Lifecycle Management offering delivered “as a Service.”

Subscribe To Technical And Functional Support

EASE is a comprehensive bundle of services available via subscription to the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). It includes both technical and functional support by qualified experts, who understand your distinct Oracle environment, to create greater value at a predictable cost. It even protects your data and apps from cybersecurity threats by scheduled backups and disaster recovery, as well as automatic EBS patching.

Ask a Data Intensity representative for more information about EASE.

EASE Benefits

Sign up for Data Intensity’s EASE solution and get a wide range of benefits rolled into one plan. It’s that easy!

  • Proactive Monitoring and Management
  • Oracle License Management
  • Enhanced EBS Patching and Security Services
  • Enhanced Compliance Support
  • Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Services
  • Database Cloning and Environment Refresh Services
  • Cloud Infrastructure Management
  • Integration Management and Testing

Predictable Costs

24 x 7 Global Coverage

High-Touch Service

Full-Stack Support

Reduced Risk


Dive Deeper

Enterprise Applications Service Enabled (EASE)

Enterprise Applications Service Enabled (EASE)

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