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Seamless SaaS Migration and Continuous Management

Wherever you are in your Oracle application journey, moving from an on-premises data center approach to a multi-cloud/hybrid cloud environment is a big leap. Even though trust in the cloud has come a long way, a major concern is safety during the migration process itself—how to migrate/refactor Oracle e-Business Suite (EBS) apps to the cloud with “zero” incidents or disruption of daily IT operations.

While converting to software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivers well-known benefits (agility, scalability, reliability, security, and cost savings), it is only as good as the method used to perform the migration and the expertise of support services to ongoingly manage all functions across all apps—no matter how complex.

Making Informed SaaS Migration Choices

A data-driven, strategic solution is needed, determined by what makes the most sense for your business. That is where Data Intensity can assist, by helping you make informed SaaS cloud migration choices that best align with the business processes and transformation goals of your organization. Along with SaaS advice, we also offer an agile-based, iterative prototyping process to accelerate the transition and ensure the cloud migration meets your specific requirements.

An Unbeatable Combination: Safe-Switch + Functional Application Support

Data Intensity combines two powerful services that together ensure the success of your SaaS cloud migration activities…before, during, and after.

Through this methodology, we are able to identify the correct migration path for each individual workload, whether it be traditional rehosting, replatforming, or refactoring away from Oracle to cloud-native technology (where applicable).

Safe-Switch Migration Methodology

A proprietary method that begins with a TCO Transformation Assessment resulting in a unique map for your organization to follow, reflecting your specific cloud migration needs. We then delve deeper into technical requirements, such as the level of effort to refactor on-premises software versions into the comparable SaaS variety (typically, a partial number of apps). Additionally, we help you leverage existing software licenses through our License Management Services, so you can roll them over to Oracle SaaS apps; thereby, protecting your initial investment.

Learn more about our Safe-Switch Migration Methodology service options:

Functional Application Support

A managed service that provides proactive support, reducing incidents and identifying process improvements and automation opportunities to alleviate tedious manual tasks. This case-based, outcome-driven solution provides end-to-end functional management of your entire Oracle estate. During the cloud migration Design phase, SaaS transformation workshops are available to get you started on the right path. The deep expertise of this team becomes even more vital when deploying multiple EBS modules via SaaS in the cloud, as it helps prevent problems like compatibility, license control, and the cost of sprawl due to the expansion of multi-cloud use over time. In addition to problem management, we also focus on continuous improvement and quarterly patch analysis to ensure the latest functionality upgrades at all times.

Learn more about Functional Application Support services for Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) here.

Why Choose Data Intensity?

You can rely on data intensity to optimize the benefits of switching to SaaS in the cloud.

Specializing in cloud migration and integration, Data Intensity has performed 400+ migrations to the cloud with a 100% success rate. This can be largely attributed to custom testing of each client’s architecture. Our scalable and repeatable tests reduce the cost of downtime and inefficiencies historically associated with manual test methods. Other qualifications that set us apart are:

  • Strong expertise in Oracle technologies and infrastructure
  • Deep experience with cloud-based solutions, including migrations and management
  • Flexibility offering of managed services and consulting for Oracle Cloud applications
  • Global presence with a wide network of data centers

Datasheets & Case Studies

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Azure Safe-Switch for Oracle Workloads Discovery Workshop (US)

Azure Safe-Switch for Oracle Workloads Discovery Workshop (US)

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Cory Brothers Migrates to Microsoft Azure Cloud Services Platform, Maximizing Flexibility and Budget

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