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Cloud Security Services

Security is at The Heart of Everything We Do

As a leading Oracle managed services provider, we specialize in the migration to, and management of, cloud tenancies built within Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Our commitment to security is unwavering. At Data Intensity, security isn’t an afterthought: it’s woven into every aspect of our services.

Services We Offer

Whether you need to protect sensitive data, ensure compliance, or fortify your cloud environment, we can help. Our focus spans six key principles:

Cloud Security Reference Architecture

Data Intensity offers 24/7 functional and development support, helping you keep pace with a range of user requests like new functionality and reporting, serviceability of existing capabilities, and patch management.

Network Protection

Your data travels across networks, and we ensure it’s shielded at every step. Our solutions incorporate advanced security measures, including firewalls, intrusion detection systems, and traffic encryption.

Privacy & Data Protection

Sensitive information deserves the highest level of care. We implement controls to maintain confidentiality, such as data masking, access controls, or encryption.

Risk Identification & Mitigation

Proactivity is our mantra. We identify vulnerabilities, assess risks, and take swift action. Regular patching, vulnerability management, and penetration testing keep your environment resilient.

Security Event Detection and Response

Threats can emerge at any moment. Our vigilant monitoring detects anomalies, suspicious activities, and potential breaches. When incidents occur, our rapid response team minimizes impact.

Regulatory Compliance Support

Navigating the compliance landscape can be daunting. Fear not! We provide SOC1 reports along with other compliance services. Whether it’s regulatory audits or aligning with industry standards, we’ve got the expertise to guide you.

Whatever your security needs, Data Intensity can fortify your cloud journey and protect your critical assets.

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