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Mitigate Rising Costs by Subscribing to Oracle Database Management Services

Today’s businesses need access to reliable database management services to support their mission-critical applications and middleware. Common concerns driving this quest are cost control, skills capacity, service capability, and service coverage.

The costs of managing databases and applications tend to accelerate over time unless business processes are aligned with your Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS), as well as other cloud applications and on-premises database services. But many companies lack in-house resources who understand the complexities of Oracle’s applications and have the bandwidth to deal with break-fix and database performance issues.

What it takes to build a modern applications delivery platform

That drives a true Database-as-a-Service (DaaS) initiative...

What’s needed are applications management tools to perform health checks and evaluations that maintain cost-effective performance and operational efficiency. It also requires a sizable budget to staff technical, functional, database administration (DBA), and middleware resources for application and database management. A tall order for most IT organizations to deliver on their own.

A Process-Based Database Services-and-Support Model

Data Intensity helps you align applications, data, and business processes backed by our combined expertise in functional, technical, and middleware support. The goal of our Applications, Database, and Middleware Services is to automate disparate business processes to improve efficiency and drive actionable insights.

This process-based database services-and-support model breaks the traditional constraints of expensive, full-time specialization. Most importantly, it enables you to focus on your business while leaving the 24/7 service coverage to us.

Benefits of Database and Application Services

  • A path to realizing the benefits of applications designed for migration to a global database
  • Structured on-boarding, quick transfer of knowledge, performance baseline assessment, and operational stabilization for managed databases
  • Full-stack database and application solutions that enable continuous improvement with a focus on automation and reducing manual overhead
  • Functional and technical teams that are in full alignment to provide the client with quick and accurate results


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Managed Application / Middleware / Database Platforms Services

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Total Operations Management

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