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Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) and Oracle Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) drive a myriad of essential business functions at your organization. Return on your Oracle investment, however, drops dramatically when IT struggles to provide proper EBS and ERP support. One strategy is to leverage Oracle Enterprise Performance Management (EPM), the financial engine behind ERP, which allows you to adjust and adapt to market changes and better understand user consumption.

The question remains: How can you optimize Oracle EBS, Oracle Fusion Cloud Applications, and Oracle EPM, while freeing up your staff and better managing your IT spend? Going with a traditional outsourced staffing agreement is no longer the best option, as it locks you into an inflexible, expensive, and low-quality hourly services contract. Consequently, internal resources either remain ill-equipped for, or entirely captive to, reactive problem-solving, abandoning proactive development.

Our Functional Application Support Solution

You can trust Data Intensity to optimize your Oracle investment, application utilization, and IT department effectiveness with our Functional Application Support team. This managed services subscription is backed by 10+ years of success with satisfied clients.

This is a resolution-based solution delivered by experts who understand your ​distinct Oracle environment to create ​greater value at a predictable cost. High-touch services ​by dedicated team PODs under aggressive SLAs capably transform your IT business. ​Tiered support levels map to your current, specific needs. Menu items can be bundled in increments and adjusted, as necessary. ​With Functional Application Support, you are assured of quick case outcomes while also gaining access to Oracle-certified staff and industry-leading solutions.

Functional Support Subscription Benefits

Subscribers escape hourly pricing traps, meet vital support needs, and learn from Oracle experts via three service tiers:

  • User Transactional Support removes internal team burden at a low cost.
  • Application Configuration Support identifies and remediates challenges while eliminating staffing constraints.
  • Customization & Development Support delivers deep, dedicated, expert, functional, and developmental Oracle skills.

Specific benefits include:

Predictable Costs

24/7 Global Coverage

High-Touch Service

Full-Stack Support

Reduced Risk

Datasheets & Case Studies

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Functional Application Support for Oracle EBS & Cloud ERP

Functional Application Support for Oracle EBS & Cloud ERP

Functional Application Support for Oracle Cloud EPM & Hyperion

Functional Application Support for Oracle Cloud EPM & Hyperion

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