A Game-Changer for Multi-Cloud Environments

Oracle Database@Azure

Oracle Database Services Running on OCI, Collocated in Microsoft Azure Data Centers

A New Era of Multi-Cloud Ease

Oracle and Microsoft recently announced Oracle Database@Azure, which will be a game-changer for clients with multi-cloud environments.

An interconnect between OCI and Azure has been available since 2019 for OCI database PaaS services, but with the recent announcement from Oracle and Microsoft, Oracle Database services on OCI – the Autonomous Database and Exadata platforms – can now be physically run inside Azure data centers. In addition to faster response times, which lead to productivity gains, reduced costs, and reduced time-to-market, it allows businesses to purchase Oracle database services with Microsoft Azure Consumption Commitment (MACC) credits in the Azure marketplace.

Data Intensity has been managing Exadata databases for years, with deep expertise in both OCI and Azure clouds. We’re the best managed services provider to help you migrate your workloads to Exadata on OCI, regardless of data center location.

The Only True Multi-Cloud Option

The vast majority of Fortune 500 companies use both Microsoft solutions and Oracle database applications. And approximately 98% of businesses use two or more clouds. IT organizations have been waiting for true multi-cloud flexibility for years.

Yet less than a third of enterprise workloads are in the cloud today, per an S&P Global Market Intelligence report. That’s likely because migrations and integrations are complex and costly.

It’s common sense to run application workloads on the app’s related cloud service, but businesses can face significant latency and costly data transfers between cloud service providers.

By placing Oracle Database services on OCI inside Microsoft Azure data centers, an enterprise’s solutions can directly access the other’s resources, with no latency concerns, through Oracle Database@Azure.

Benefits of Oracle Database@Azure

Reduced Latency

Data egress fees are a real concern in a multi-cloud enterprise With OCI managed Exadata inside the Azure data center, there are no latency concerns or egress costs.

Reduced Costs

Oracle Exadata Cloud Service has the same low cost in an OCI region or Azure region. You also get Oracle bring your license (BYOL) benefits and Oracle Support Rewards.

Simplified Management

Multiple clouds require expertise, training, and skilled personnel. Manage your Oracle and Azure workloads through the familiar Azure Portal.

Database@Azure Is New, but Data Intensity is Experienced

Database@Azure may be a new offering, but our team at Data Intensity have been expertly managing Exadata databases for many years. We also have expertise in OCI and Azure clouds. We are well positioned to help our clients migrate the workloads to Exadata on OCI, no matter the data center location. If you have questions about Oracle Database@Azure, please reach out to our team – we’re here to help.

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