Amazon Web Services Partner

As an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Advanced Consulting Partner, Data Intensity delivers the fastest path to value for customers when consuming AWS services and unlocking the power of the AWS platform for either traditional “lift and shift” or Cloud Native workloads. With extensive skills in both traditional enterprise IT and modern Cloud Native development and architecture, Data Intensity can support the journey to the cloud as a bridge from the legacy world to the new.

Your AWS Partner for PaaS Technologies, DevOps, and Migration Excellence.

By unlocking the power of AWS PaaS technologies — including Containers, Kubernetes, Lambda functions, and Machine Learning — we are helping bring clients into the world of enterprise applications and architecture designed and built in the cloud. With multiple global locations and 24×7 operations, Data Intensity’s follow-the-sun model can support complex development cycles (DevOps) and operations (SysOps) models combined with the expertise to design and migrate solutions to AWS PaaS services.


Cloud Advisory and Migration Services

With over 200+ Application and Database migrations — from on-premises to multi-cloud platforms — Data Intensity delivers precise architectural design to ensure successful migrations and expected outcomes. We design solutions with the expectation of supportability, performance, security, and availability in the cloud to mitigate operational complexity management for customers.

Data Migration and Management

As experts managing databases from multiple vendors, Data Intensity provides expertise for customers looking to adopt AWS DB Services across a spectrum of use cases including:

  • Database Platforms — leveraging vast database management services experience in re-platforming complex databases on multiple clouds, focuses on ensuring the right platform for the right database workload. Migration starts with the masterful understanding of source system complexity allowing Data Intensity to make the best choices in cloud migration services migrating to the cloud, ensuring security, performance and efficiency are all improved.

  • Data Lake Services – from data ingestions, transformation and storage through to processing, prototyping and beyond.

  • Data Analysis Services – Data Intensity supports a number of industry leading BI and Analytics tools to execute against any data workload and can as well as AWS native tools such as Athena and Zeppelin.

  • Remote AWS Database Management Services – Data Intensity offers three Service Models to remotely support DB services running on-premises or in the cloud for database technologies on EC2 (IaaS), RDS, Aurora, Redshift, ElastiCache, and more.

Virtual Private Cloud

Architectural design, implementation, migration, and support of full-stack AWS compute, network, and storage mapped to business requirements backed by availability and response-time Service Level Agreements (SLA).

Core and Shared Services

Data Intensity can ensure a smooth, secure network transition and the migration of critical core and shared services, moving to PaaS services to allow organizations to focus their efforts on growing their business.

  • Route53 – DNS Services

  • AWS Certificate Authority – SSL Cert Migration from Existing Provider

  • AWS Directory Services – LDAP, Microsoft AD Migration

Application and Application Server Platforms

Data Intensity’s managed IT infrastructure services model supports the migration of a number of industry-leading Application Server platforms to support the journey from legacy application deployments to cloud-based micro-services such as:

  • Java (J2EE, J2SE) applications: Glassfish, Tomcat, JBoss, WebLogic etc.

  • Load balancing – migration of on-premises hardware or software solutions to a more cost-effective PaaS solution (ELB) to reduce cost and operational complexity

  • Application optimization through the use of PaaS and/or FaaS (Function as a Service) services such as AWS Beanstalk and AWS Lambda.

  • Containerization of your enterprise application as a 1st step towards a micro-services and/or cloud-native architecture Kubernetes services and migration.

Multi-Cloud Management Solutions

Data Intensity provides multi-cloud solutions mapping the right cloud solution to the business and technical workload.

Service & Support Models

Data Intensity offers two Managed Service levels designed to align with our customers when Designing, Implementing, and Supporting Applications & Databases on the AWS cloud platform.

Flex OnDemand Service Management

Total Ops Management

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