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About Matilda Cloud

Matilda Cloud creates agile and secure cloud solutions engineered to deliver transformational business value with unparalleled precision and efficiency. Our state-of-the-art automated discovery and assessment tools are indispensable for driving digital transformation that is fast, efficient, and adaptable. These cutting-edge tools offer deep insights into client systems, ensuring tailor-made, compliant solutions. Matilda Cloud is more than a tool, it’s a partnership for innovation offering rapid digital transformation, enhanced profitability, compliance assurance, and effortless integration.  

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Fast, Data-Driven Cloud Migration Decisions

Data Intensity uses an industry-leading toolset, Matilda Discover, to provide the analysis required to make informed, data-driven decisions supported by facts. Discover analyzes a client’s entire AWS landscape including applications, services, databases, operating systems, virtualization, network traffic, storage, and end-of-life & dormant applications.

A Proven Approach


* Dependency analysis of all applications
* Relationships between applications and databases
* Topology view of the entire environment
* App & database profiling including rev, patch levels and security vulnerabilities


* Cloud suitability check for each application
* Migration strategy analysis applications based on Lift/Shift, Lift/Refresh, Lift/Rebuild
* Total Cost of Ownership analysis
* Business vs risk recommendations
* Cloud to cloud analysis of major public clouds (AWS, Azure and OCI)
* Utilizations and Optimizations


* Application Grouping
* Wave and Group Planning
* Migration Priority Analysis
* Cloud Cost Analysis

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