Dave Piwowar

Chief People Officer

Dave brings over 30 years of strategic Human Resources leadership to his role at Data Intensity. His team supports all facets of HR, including compensation, benefits, training, recruiting, immigration, and payroll while focusing on maintaining the unique, employee-driven culture of Data Intensity and developing an exceptional employment experience for all team members.

Prior to joining Data Intensity, Dave held senior Human Resources roles at CSC and Covansys, where he was responsible for the strategic implementation and execution of HR policies and programs for a large global workforce. Most recently, Dave was the Vice President of Human Resources at Secure-24/NTT Ltd. Cloud Services, where he further developed his extensive experience with international employees and global culture development.

Our Executives

The Data Intensity leadership team comes from some of the largest and most successful technology firms in the industry today. We leverage our combined experience and legacy of success to provide guidance and vision for the growth and ongoing evolution of Data Intensity.

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