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A long, rich history of delivering Oracle database expertise

For two decades, Data Intensity has excelled in providing its customers with Oracle Database expertise across multiple delivery platforms —covering the full gamut of on-premise deployments, tenancies in the Oracle Cloud, alternative cloud infrastructures, and virtualised environments.

This expertise also extends to all aspects of Oracle’s Engineered Systems offerings, including Oracle Exadata, Oracle Private Cloud Appliances, and Oracle Database Appliance. Data Intensity qualifications span all Oracle Database editions, from 7 to 19c, as well as the full range of Oracle Enterprise Edition Database options and complimentary programs, such as Oracle Goldengate, Oracle Business Intelligence, Oracle Weblogic Server, Java, and Oracle Enterprise Manager.

While we are certified in multiple, leading-vendor ecosystems, Data Intensity is an Oracle-centric managed services and professional services provider and we pride ourselves on our deep-rooted Oracle Database operational knowledge and expertise. Data Intensity strives to ensure that for every implementation delivered, a best-in-class professional services offering is provided. In tandem, we work closely with our customers and partners to identify areas of Oracle core technology that can bring more agility and availability to environments, as well as drive cost efficiencies.

A 360-Degree Database View

To enable our customers to take clear advantage of their database investments, and to help ensure proper vendor compliance, Data Intensity’s Software License Solutions are built into every proposal, helping our customers to optimally deploy what they own, to not deploy what they do not own, and to not purchase what they do not need.

Our services, allow customers to be secure in the fact that they are running a compliant environment at all times, whilst making the most of the technology available in their infrastructure, in the most cost-efficient manner.

In careful consideration of a customer’s unique requirements, we perform detailed discovery workshops and host sessions with key stake-holders, technology staff, and IT managers. With this strategic and comprehensive approach, Data Intensity addresses pain points and rectifies issues, some of which may not have been previously identified or known. As a result, Data Intensity designs solutions that truly fit both current and future customer requirements, using the most suitable and most appropriate world-class technologies from Oracle, in a cost-optimised and compliant implementation.

The Oracle Database and multitude of value-added options and management packs are core to Data Intensity offerings and solution proposals. Whether underpinning the Oracle E-Business Suite or an in-house, proprietary-built application, the Oracle Database is always of principal importance as a system of record and an investment critical to customer success.

As a key service differentiator, Data Intensity has a specialised skillset in Oracle’s Engineered Systems platforms; we are a strong Exadata and Oracle Database Appliance implementer. Exadata is the premier Oracle Enterprise Database platform for running highly available, highly performing, and consolidated Oracle environments in an optimised fashion. Oracle Database Appliance is a class-leading Oracle Database platform designed for the SME customer; it, therefore, is imperative to work with a partner of the calibre of Data Intensity, that understands both Oracle Database Enterprise Edition and Standard Edition, these platforms’ many performance, availability, and license optimisation facets, and their compelling combined and associated benefits.

Data Intensity is not only an Oracle Partner, it is an Oracle Platinum Partner that always has worked to be the leading trusted advisor for Oracle core technology. Our heritage as the best Oracle Database Partner in the UK is unparalleled. Our experience, our capabilities, and our 20-plus years of customer success solidifies our standing. With the backing of our 200-plus Database Administrators—from Oracle Ace Directors, Oracle Certified Masters, to Oracle Certified Professionals—we are solidly both focused and credentialed.

Data Intensity proudly serves many customers across many industries and of all sizes, from small businesses to some of the largest companies in the world. We have been instrumental in the solution design, implementation, and ongoing managed services for customers running mission-critical Oracle workloads on Engineered Systems. Our Engineered Systems customers include one of the largest investment banks in the world, two of the UK’s largest retailers, one of the world’s largest insurance companies, one of the world’s largest health care providers, a major biotech firm and one of the world’s largest UK-based international law firms.

Recipe for Success

Let’s talk a bit about some of Data Intensity’s customer successes. As part of a migration of a customer’s mission-critical estate, Data Intensity Database Administrators moved and upgraded, in-flight, over 50 production databases—with zero-downtime. This achievement combined the ability and agility of the Oracle Database with Oracle Goldengate.

Following a complete migration of the customer’s environment, Data Intensity upgraded all existing environments to the latest generation of the Oracle Database, 19c. This upgrade provided the customer with the best and latest generation of the Oracle database, and delivered continued support up to 2027.

Additionally, the upgrade enabled the customer to take advantage of Oracle’s Multitenant option, using a zero additional license cost-deployment model, providing a future-proofed, 3:1 ratio consolidation of their database estate. As a result of the overall cost savings, the customer was able to employ Oracle Advanced Analytics to power its BI platform, which was made available to the customer through the Data Intensity migration and upgrade work.

By taking advantage of the changing licensing requirements for Oracle Multitenant, Data Intensity has enabled many customers to realise the various benefits of this often-underrated and under-used database option. Data Intensity also has enabled significant consolidation of customers’ infrastructure environments, maximising existing infrastructure use and/or significantly reducing the need to procure net-new servers.

Oracle Multitenant encourages customers not only to use the latest generation of the Oracle Database software, but allows them to migrate and proceed towards a consolidated Oracle on Exadata or Oracle Cloud future deployment.

By consolidating Oracle Database and expanding the use of the Oracle portfolio, customers discover that the overall cost of using Oracle software need not be inefficient and can be more cost-effective than many other marketplace alternatives.

Oracle Database is constantly evolving and remains an innovative environment within which to run mission-critical workloads. Oracle Database delivers cutting-edge features and functionalities that enable customers to out-perform competitors. Data Intensity is leading this successful adoption curve, delivering the best solutions to customers around the world. Let us help you optimize your Oracle Database and associated infrastructure environment.

Recognition of Success

Data Intensity has been nominated for the UK Oracle User Group (UKOUG) Database Partner of the Year Award, in recognition of successes achieved between 2019 and 2020.

In addition to being recognised for Database success, we’re thrilled to also have been nominated for two additional UKOUG Oracle User Group Partner of the Year Awards: Business Transformation and Platform.

Visit the UKOUG Partner of the Year award page.

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