Digital Transformation:
The Future of Business and IT

Business Insight eBook

A Chronology of Digital Transformation and the Opportunities for Business, IT, and the Human Connections They Foster

As Digital Transformation dramatically alters how we live, work, and connect, its effects go far beyond the technology that often drives it. In this eBook, we explore the history of Digital Transformation, how it has manifested in current-day transformations, and what really drives it. Spoiler alert: It’s us, the human, and the connections digital transformation fosters.

What's Inside

  •   What Does Digital Transformation Mean Today? How Human Connections is a Key Factor in Transformational Success
  •   The History of Digital Transformation: From Apple Computer to Genetic Fingerprinting
  •   Digital Transformation Today: Six Examples of Transformation Including Current-Day Autonomous Data Management
  •   Looking to the Future: Six Key Strategies for Driving Transformation
  •   Digital Transformation’s Secret to Success: Our Ability to Act as Individuals and Communities
  •   Case Study: How Data Intensity is Leveraging Oracle Autonomous Database to Drive Financial and Cultural Change
  •   How Data Intensity and Oracle Can Help You Drive Change

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