Is Your Cloud Strategy Effective?

Cloud Maturity Assessment Index

This Cloud Maturity Assessment Model (CMAI) helps you gauge your organization’s cloud strategy across your business operations, financial insight and reporting, security, governance, and talent development, as it relates to your cloud adoption. We also provide valuable insights and guidance to help you and your organization take steps to improve your strategy’s success.

Cloud initiatives begin with an expectation of lower technology costs and greater business agility. However, the complexity of managing them grows significantly with the more cloud services you consume, often eroding the expected benefits.

Accelerate your cloud strategy

Ecosystem Support

Data Intensity utilizes a wide variety of tools, services, and decades of expertise to provide custom-tailored support solutions for our customer's ever-changing needs.

Continuous Innovations

Data Intensity is on the forefront of innovation for Oracle managed services and support, consistently introducing advanced solutions and strategies to enhance Oracle systems' efficiency, security, and performance.

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Data Intensity excels in delivering exceptional Oracle managed services and support, focusing on reliability, innovation, and customer-centric solutions that elevate businesses in the digital landscape.


The Cloud Maturity Assessment Index (CMAI) measures the readiness, maturity, and success of your cloud-strategy journey. The initial study for the Index is based on multi-industry interviews of 84 US-based companies with a revenue base of $100 million or more, conducted in January 2019.