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Definition: Ad-Hoc (Explorational)

A relatively nascent approach to adopting cloud services — focused on proof-of-value initiatives based mainly on ungoverned cloud consumption. Cloud initiatives are focused on initial economic benefits and an ability to simplify operational support but often bypass IT that can’t deliver technology quickly. Organizations in this maturity level benefit from expertise and guidance.

Ad-Hoc Organizations are:

  • Beginning to think more strategically about cloud platforms.
  • Moving routine service capabilities to save costs and simplify operations.
  • Seeking guidance from consulting organizations and service providers while educating themselves.
  • Facing prominent skills gaps when defining reference architectures, security, and operational standards.

Economic Benefits

Initial economic impacts are often eye-opening, but the organization must lay the groundwork for long-term strategies to sustain the benefits — as inefficiency can be a benefit killer past the initial wins.

What else can you do?

As your organization is ramping up consumption across a variety of cloud-aware applications and platforms, now is the time to build programmatic structure for governance, operational excellence, security integration, and supportability across your portfolio. Data Intensity is offering you the expertise and guidance for building, deploying, and supporting applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS). You will be able to choose from one of the three (3) offers to accelerate your cloud journey.

  •   OCI Design Workshop
  •   OCI Roadmap
  •   OCI Accelerator Program

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