Oracle to Azure Migration

The Challenges of an Infrastructure Strategy

Did you know you can run your Oracle workloads on Azure more cost-effectively than on-premise? Many organizations have either begun their Azure adoption or are in the planning phase. However, determining what to do with existing Oracle infrastructure is causing delay and, in some cases, holding up full data center exits. This delay consumes budget while the rest of the business drives for transformation and change.

A Solution for Secure Migration

Data Intensity’s Safe-Switch Migration Methodology complements the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework by providing businesses with the ability and processes to migrate workloads in a safe and secure manner.

To alleviate concerns and identify the considerations that need to be made when migrating business-critical applications to Azure, Data Intensity utilizes its extensive Oracle experience to deliver the most cost-effective, secure, and efficient migration strategies. Through this methodology, we are able to identify the correct migration path for each individual workload, whether it be traditional Rehosting, Replatforming, or where applicable Refactoring away from Oracle to cloud-native technology.

Benefits of a Safe-Switch

Oracle is both certified and supported to run inside Azure. Plus, with the recent announcements regarding the interconnected partnership, we now have a truly scalable enterprise cloud platform that fits with many companies’ ongoing investment in Microsoft Cloud Services.

Utilizing our experience in migrating over 300+ Oracle workloads to public cloud, our architects and consultants enable projects to be coordinated with a business-first adoption. Ensuring that the migration encompasses business requirements and technical considerations, we provide companies the knowledge that risks are minimized, migrations are streamlined, and costs are fully understood. Learn more about our Safe-Switch Migration Methodology Service Options:

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“From start to finish, Data Intensity was highly professional; the design phase through to go-live ran smoothly and efficiently. A deep knowledge of both Oracle and Azure enabled the project to be successful.”

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Cory Brothers

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