Virtual Executive Forum: Cloud Spend Optimization

Get More for Less: A Guide to Optimizing Cloud Spend

When it comes to the cloud, the promises are many:
Increased performance. Improved utilization. Simpler compliance. And, of course, better ROI.

What’s often the reality?
Cloud sprawl. Unbalanced loads. A lack of visibility. Exponential year-over-year price increases.

It’s essential to regularly evaluate whether your cloud is still working for you. Whether you’re eyeing an initial move to the public cloud, or facing an upcoming multi-year cloud renewal, there’s no better time than now to conduct a deep-dive into your systems. You likely need to ascertain not only what you have – applications, workloads, hardware, licensing, and infrastructure, as well as their interdependencies – but how you can optimize those systems, determine the best cloud for your business, and ultimately, spend less.

Join James White, Chief Solutions Officer at Data Intensity, a global leader in managed cloud services and solutions, and Viren Balar, Board Member and Chief Revenue Officer at Matilda Cloud, an industry leader in innovative IT landscape discovery solutions, to hear how to determine optimized cloud migration paths, as well as see real-world examples of the analysis and significant cost savings
Data Intensity and Matilda Cloud have uncovered for their clients.

Live Event: Thursday, March 21, 2024
Time: 12:00 to 1:00 PM ET

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