USDM Life Sciences

Oracle and GXP Apps in the Public Cloud

Life sciences companies like yours face unprecedented challenges. While markets expand, risks continue to rise amid growing regulatory scrutiny. Globalization, heightened transparency requirements, accelerated cloud-technology emphasis—when combined with ever-evolving supply chain, partner, and customer needs—all force a reexamination of your infrastructure approach to ensure high-quality, compliant operations.

Wrong choices can halt your operations, lead to fines, and cause data integrity harm, data breaches, and data loss. Public cloud affords agility and scalability to your life sciences company; often, however, IT departments lack the skill and ability to strategically evaluate and implement the right cloud solutions. More than ever, IT infrastructure—and specifically cloud strategy—materially impacts your business. Fast-tracked digital transformation led by experts is imperative to success in an ever-changing, rapidly adapting business environment and to deliver solid and cost-effective solutions that meet stakeholder expectations.

USDM Life Sciences

USDM Life Sciences is a key industry partner with world-class technology software developers. USDM provides strategic and compliant technology solutions that make it easy to accelerate transformation and innovation among device manufacturers, biotech, and pharma, as well as clinical/R&D. USDM Cloud Assurance and Unify Public Cloud (UPC) are USDM’s solutions for regulated workloads in the cloud. UPC addresses end-to-end technology and compliance choices for business applications, cloud services, and global infrastructure.

Together, Data Intensity and USDM Life Sciences swiftly implement the technologies and solutions required to help meet the speed of business and raise customer, staff, and shareholder value. We will fast-track your digital transformation with a complete, expert, and data-driven understanding of license and support costs associated with an Oracle Workload cloud strategy.

With over 20 years of tested success in life sciences digital transformation, Data Intensity and USDM Life Sciences are your preferred powerhouse partners.

Service Features

  •   License Position Analysis
  •   Workload Analysis
  •   IS Health Check
  •   Gap Assessment
  •   Security Review

Service Benefits

  •   Cloud Architecture Strategy
  •   Regulatory Compliance
  •   Digital Transformation
  •   Cloud Management
  •   Risk Reduction

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