When executed properly, consuming public-cloud services generates early cost savings and helps transform capital expenditures into preferred operational-expense categories. Public-cloud use also demands new skillsets, understanding cloud economics, and maintaining the ever-expansive cloud sprawl that happens with increased consumption. Governance is another reality that must be addressed, particularly when building out a FinOps program. Compounding the challenges of executing your cloud transformation are hybrid and multi-cloud deployment strategies. Both are designed to optimize the right cloud for the right services platform, but each can complicate the realization of benefits when not governed properly.

How can you gain better visibility into your cloud spend and governance?


Data Intensity Cloud-Care Services help optimize your return on cloud spend.

Cloud-Care is designed to provide customers with the peace of mind of knowing their cloud platforms are consumed in the most cost-effective, secure, and performant manner. Combining the power of years of managing its own cloud platform, the Data Intensity Cloud-Care portfolio provides for expert tenancy management services across public-cloud platforms that can be combined with Data Intensity’s full-stack lifecycle technical managed services for your cloud-powered workloads. Cloud-Care delivers the following services for the select public-cloud platforms.

Cloud-Care Benefits

Cloud-Care for Public-Cloud Tenancies include:

  •   Cloud Policy and Tagging Strategy and Implementation
  •   Cloud Infrastructure and Architecture Governance
  •   Ongoing Cost Optimization
  •   Cloud Inventory Visibility
  •   Utilization Management and Monitoring
  •   Security Vulnerability and Compliance Support
  •   Performance Resource Utilization
  •   Service Billing Management
  •   Environmental Monitoring


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