Cloud Sprawl Management-as-a-Service


The democratization of cloud consumption delivers an obvious time-to-benefit improvement for business users but also bears a new set of challenges related to change and integration management with core systems of record. We refer to this as the Cloud Sprawl Management syndrome. The principal challenge IT organizations face in this syndrome is the inability to maintain pace with the forced updates from SaaS vendors which likely will impact business processes and integration with core systems of record.

Simply, the core Test Center of Excellence (CoE) functions needed to test integration points, database services, business processes struggle to keep pace managing: Test & Service, Tools & Subject Matter Expertise (SME).


Although SaaS application and cloud sprawl is an extremely mature consumption model for most organizations, the challenges that most organizations face is a growing shortage of tools management expertise, test service management discipline and/or subject matter expertise.

All of these challenges can have a dramatic impact when trying to maintain governance, business process continuity and usability of technology to best serve the business. Put simply, how are you able to manage the vendor change events outside of your control.


Data Intensity’s global resource team is deeply skilled in Functional Application Testing, Integration technologies and popular SaaS Application platforms can be tailored to meet the most demanding Application Test Center of Excellence needs. Data Intensity provides a tailored Cloud Sprawl Management subscription based upon cataloging your critical application needs of your vendor managed change event schedules, matched against a deep CEMLI analysis to baseline your estate. The two primary pillars of the Data Intensity CSMaaS portfolio include: SaaS Test Assurance Services & Cloud Integration Management.


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