Applications, Database,
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Challenges of Managing Applications

The top four challenges facing every enterprise delivering applications as a service are Cost Control, Skills Capacity, Service Capability, and Service Coverage. Businesses need access to the leading database services to support mission-critical applications and middleware.

The costs of managing databases and applications tend to accelerate over time without a focus on integrating business processes to align with your Oracle EBS and other cloud applications and on-premises database services. Many businesses lack in-house resources who understand the complexities of ERP applications and have the bandwidth to deal with break-fix and database performance issues. They lack applications management tools to perform health checks and evaluations that deliver cost-effective performance and operational benefits. They lack budget to staff technical, functional, DBA, and middleware resources for application and database management.

These challenges affect the business’ ability to build a modern applications delivery platform that drives a true database as a service initiative.

Solutions for Database Application Services

Data Intensity helps you align applications, data, and business processes through services that combine deep functional, technical, and middleware expertise. Our Applications, Database, and Middleware Services help you manage data and align business processes to drive actionable insights.

We deliver 24 x 7 service coverage with a unique blend of local and global resources: Our process-based database services-and-support model breaks the traditional constraints of expensive full-time specialization. It enables you to focus on your business applications instead of automating disparate business processes.

Benefits of Database and Application Services

Data Intensity gives customers a realistic, cost-effective, compelling, and worry-free path to realizing the benefits of applications designed for migration to a global database.

  •   Structured on-boarding, quick transfer of knowledge, performance baseline assessment, and operational stabilization for managed databases.
  •   Full-stack database and application solutions that enable continuous improvement with a focus on automation and reducing manual overhead.
  •   Functional and technical teams that are in full alignment to provide the customer quick and accurate worry-free results.

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