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Definition: Managed (Aligned)

A well-defined cloud strategy built on strong organizational support for governance, standardization, and evolved cloud skill sets with an integrated and aligned center of excellence. Orchestration tooling has developed through a unified center of excellence to serve the broader business.

Managed Organizations have:

  • Well-defined corporate cloud strategies driven by discrete design principles created by experts.
  • Well-defined cloud reference architectures and consumption policies aligned with mature show-back models.
  • An IT organization that tends to lead the organization through cloud migrations, while the business users focus on building the functional services required to grow the business.
  • IT Service Management platforms in full swing to drive scalable supportability and ease of use.

Typical Attributes:

  • Single Preferred Public Cloud Platform or a Small Number of Public Cloud Platforms Delivering Predictable Service-Catalog-Based Services
  • Mature Application Development and DevOps Strategies with Well-Understood API Disciplines
  • IT Owns the Corporate Cloud Strategy and Policy
  • Considered an Industry Bellwether
  • Strong Sense of Workload Prioritization and Best Fit across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS
  • Optimized Cloud Consumption Economic Benefits (Vendor Discounts, etc.)
  • Leveraging ITOM, ITSM, and/or CAMP Tools
  • Strong Desire to Empower Technical and Business Leaders to Develop Cloud Skills and Thought Leadership throughout the Company

What else can you do?

As your organization is ramping up consumption across a variety of cloud-aware applications and platforms, now is the time to build programmatic structure for governance, operational excellence, security integration, and supportability across your portfolio. Data Intensity is offering you the expertise and guidance for building, deploying, and supporting applications on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (IaaS/PaaS/SaaS). You will be able to choose from one of the three (3) offers to accelerate your cloud journey.

  •   OCI Design Workshop
  •   OCI Roadmap
  •   OCI Accelerator Program

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