There are many new and upcoming changes to technology features and roadmaps that you need to know about to aid in the development of your upgrade, migration and support plans for 2017. To help quickly and easily make sense of it all, Data Intensity is hosting a variety of live webinars meant to keep you informed and provide a forum to ask questions and get answers.

Register for the webinars that apply and share this calendar with your colleagues so that they too can be in “the know” as to the impact these changes will have in your organization.


Oracle and Procurement Analytics: An Introduction and Deep Dive Into Oracle’s Spend Analysis and Data-Driven Procurement Solutions
Thursday, June 22nd 2PM ET / 11AM PT

Oracle offers a wide universe of procurement applications. Of course these include Fusion / Cloud, but they include a range of other products and product lines as well. Yet one theme unites all of Oracle’s procurement solutions is data and analytics. Many IT organizations know how to get the most from Oracle’s analytics and data driven solutions — from Oracle Business Intelligence (OBI) to Oracle Spend Classification to Oracle Supplier Life Cycle Management.

But it’s time for Procurement organizations to come up to speed as well and learn the tricks of the Oracle procurement trade. This webinar, hosted by Data Intensity and featuring Oracle procurement practice leader Karthik Duvvuri of Data Intensity and Jason Busch, Founder and Head of Strategy, Spend Matters and Azul Partners, will provider an insider look at the analytics solutions that make Oracle such a powerful solution for Procurement and IT together when an organization knows how to take full advantage of Oracle’s different analytics and data management assets.

Attendees will come away with:

  • Top opportunities for procurement to better leverage analytics in 2017
  • Best practices that separate out top performing procurement organizations that use analytics and data management software effectively
  • Emerging trends, technologies and capabilities for procurement analytics (including artificial intelligence / machine learning Internet of Things (IoT), big data, cloud, etc.)
  • An understanding of Oracle products that span the analytics and data management spectrum for Procurement
  • How these solutions work with other Oracle applications and how they can “stand alone”
  • Tips and tricks for getting the most from Oracle procurement solution deployments putting data and analytics at the core

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Everything You Need to Know About Oracle EBS Cloud Deployment Options

There are many misconceptions about deploying traditional Oracle applications in the cloud. With Oracle’s Applications Unlimited program, there’s still a long runway for your enterprise application investment, and you’ll need a way of taking advantage of the many benefits of cloud long before you may choose to migrate to Oracle Cloud Applications. Using Oracle E-Business Suite as an example, we will present best practices for deploying on private cloud, Oracle Public Cloud, and Amazon Web Services platforms. You’ll also get an understanding of the pros and cons of the deployment options, and understand how your management practices will need to be adopted for a cloud deployment.

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Oracle Database Roadmap

Learn about the roadmap for Oracle’s flagship database product, including use cases on public cloud, engineered systems, and applications.

We have assembled a panel of experts to provide insights and answer questions on the following topics: release roadmap, upgrade path, new features with 12cR2, database considerations with EBS and Engineered systems, etc.

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Microsoft PowerBI Webinar

Traditional silos of enterprise applications and Business Intelligence solutions no longer work for today’s data driven workforce. Microsoft Power BI enables users to create, share and distribute data from up to 60 sources to provide the insights organizations need to make better decisions faster and better.

Join our live webinar discussion March 16th at 10:00 AM ET to hear our Microsoft Power BI Practice Lead, Rafeeq Badiger, share insights and lessons-learned from customer implementations.

Discussion topics include:

  • Power BI Desktop Overview
  • Data Visualization Options
  • Power BI Packages & Features
  • Power BI and Oracle Integration
  • Live Q&A

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Oracle BI & Analytics Roadmap – Cloud, On-Premises, Hybrid

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.6 delivers more functional advances to help organizations optimize their business processes. But when is the right time to make the move and what resources and services are necessary to successfully deliver technology advances at your company?

We have assembled a panel of industry experts to provide insights and answer questions to help you develop the right plan and approach for your organization.

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Oracle EBS Roadmap – What To Prepare For Over The Next 3 Years

Oracle E-Business Suite 12.2.6 delivers more functional advances to help organizations optimize their business processes. But when is the right time to make the move and what resources and services are necessary to successfully deliver technology advances at your company?

We have assembled a panel of industry experts to provide insights and answer questions to help you develop the right plan and approach for your organization

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Microsoft SQL Server Roadmap

You may have heard that SQL Server 2016 is the biggest leap forward in Microsoft’s history of the platform, but when do you need to upgrade to it and what resources are required to support it?

Get insights from two SQL experts to help you develop the plan that meets the needs of your organization.

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Add Millions To Your Bottomline With Procurement Optimization

Organizations are adding tens of millions of dollars to their bottom line by optimizing their Oracle procurement solutions.

Join Glenn White, Procurement Expert, as he shares insights and lessons learned from working with global procurement teams to drive significant profit for enterprises like yours.

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Oracle Ace Shares 12.2 Insights – What Features Are Coming?

Do you have your plan when Oracle Database 12c Release 2 comes out? Are you upgrading to it or are you sticking with what you have? Do the benefits really outweigh the complexity? Join the live webinar discussion about the top 8 features and get your questions answered.

Oracle ACE and Data Intensity DBA Expert, Anuj Mohan, has Beta tested these features and will share insights and answer your questions.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Multitenant enhancements
  • In memory enhancements
  • Database sharding
  • Data guard enhancements
  • Refreshable PDB, hot clone and relocate
  • SQA PGA & I/O for PDBs
  • Lockdown profiles
  • Application containers

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Oracle Ace Shares 12.2 Insights – Lessons From The Trenches

Oracle 12.2 database is going to simplify the way organizations move to the cloud. With all new multitenant architecture and dual format in-memory database technology, 12.2 provides an efficient database platform with a better administrative ability to scale in the cloud.

Join Data Intensity’s Oracle Ace, Anuj Mohan, as he walks through enhanced key features of Oracle 12.2 and Oracle multitenant.

In this webinar, Anuj will cover:

  • CDB/PDB Introduction and Concepts
  • Shared / Exclusive components
  • Accessing CDB’s/PDB’s
  • PDB – Explanation of Value (EOV)
  • Refreshable PDB, hot clone, and Relocate
  • SGA, PGA and I/O for PDBs
  • Lockdown profiles
  • Application containers

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Analytics Excellence: Getting The Most Out Of Your Data


You spend a lot of resources collecting and using data. But do you trust the data? Do you have the visibility and flexibility you need to operate proactively? Do your systems enable the agility to dig into issues as they arise? As your data grows, your ability to get the insight you need when you need it may not deliver on expectations. Join Mike Marker as he discusses how to use data to improve business outcomes and find out where your organization sits on the data maturity curve. In addition Mike will explain how Data Intensity has used this model to help companies build a road-map to mine their data, build a data governance program and use tools to create real-time visualization dashboards.

Whether you are a business analyst, data or analytics expert or just learning about analytics, this webinar will provide insights to help you identify the next steps in your journey for better, more meaningful, and actionable data.

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Procurement Excellence: Optimizing Your Procure-To-Pay Process

“Using Oracle Spend Visibility and Sourcing delivered $17 M savings in 12 months, while protecting the longer-term IT strategy of the business.” – Procurement Officer

Easily spot the procurement areas that are ripe for improvement by gaining visibility into your spending, sourcing and supplier behavior. And take control of the process moving forward.

Join Oracle Procurement Practice Experts, as they discuss how to gain greater visibility into your purchasing behavior is critical to driving cost savings. Hear how they help customers drive procurement excellence by:

  • Identifying hidden savings opportunities
  • Gaining greater visibility into spending patterns
  • Providing insight into spending by category, supplier, geography, etc.
  • Reducing maverick spending through compliance

Take the education from this webinar back to your organization to determine the real savings you can drive for your organization.

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Do You Know What It Takes To Be A More Data Driven BI Organization?

Adopting an analytics solution can help you make great strides towards improving your competitive edge and making better decisions for your business for the long term. But analytics and business intelligence projects are often complex multi-tool, multi-skillset projects that are difficult to successfully implement. In this webinar, analytics experts from Data Intensity and Tableau Software, discuss how to build and manage your analytics solution properly so you can extract meaningful data and insights.

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What’s Behind The Growth In Open Source RDBMS And What Does That Mean To You?

In this session, Marc Caruso, CTO of Data Intensity, and Gary Ludorf, Vice President, Alliances and Channels of EnterpriseDB discuss why open source is now mainstream and how this can help you dramatically reduce IT costs. Organizations are utilizing open source relational database systems like Postgres to drive down operational costs and redirect budget for strategic initiatives. The increased maturity, reliability and functionality indicate open source databases are now a viable option for enterprise-class implementations.

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Moving Your Enterprise Applications To The Cloud

The Do’s and Don’ts of Moving Your Enterprise Applications to the Cloud
In this session, Marc Caruso, CTO of Data Intensity, and Kim Seabury, Director of IT at AngioDynamics, discuss best practices in migrating enterprise applications to the cloud – including everything from advice on how to minimize risk to tips for calculating the ROI and TCO of cloud environments. Kim also provides real-world insight into efficiently managing this process in the highly regulated life sciences industry – and how to get everyone from the corner office to the back office on board. If you’re considering a move to the cloud, this is one webcast you won’t want to miss!

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In Case of Emergency: Disaster Recovery Planning For Oracle Enterprise Applications

In Case of Emergency: Disaster Recovery Planning for Oracle Enterprise Applications
Find out how to take the appropriate steps to ensure business continuity for your Oracle applications in the event of a natural or man-made disaster. Learn about the essential elements of disaster recovery, including software and hardware options, the role of backup and recovery, RPO and RTO considerations and strategies for effectively developing ROI.

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What’s Inside: A Functional Deep Dive Into Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2

What’s Inside: A Functional Deep Dive Into Oracle E-Business Suite R12.2
Oracle E-Business Suite R12 includes significant enhancements across its integrated suite of business applications as well as new online patching capabilities – enabling organizations like yours to reduce planned maintenance times and make better decisions while decreasing costs and increasing performance. What does an upgrade mean for your business? Join us for an in-depth look at the functional side of R12.

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Upgrading To E–Business Suite Release 12.1.3 vs. 12.2: The Technical Trade-Offs

Upgrading to E-Business Suite Release 12 – 12.1.3 vs. 12.2: The Technical Trade-Offs
Gain insight into 12.2 – the roadmap, support timeline, technical features and the implications. CTO Marc Caruso shares the pros and cons – and how each could impact your infrastructure and your organization. And he’ll send you off with tips for assessing your current environment and future needs to determine which path is right for you.

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Global Human Capital Management Solutions: Open Enrollment in Advanced Benefits

Global Human Capital Management Solutions: Open Enrollment in Advanced Benefits
Get tips, tricks and best practices for maximizing your investment in Oracle HRMS Advanced Benefits, including insight into preparing your organization for open enrollment, planning for legislative changes to your organization’s benefit offerings, leveraging web-based enrollment pages to give employees a hands-on role in their compensation and best practices and overall considerations that will help ensure efficiency and data integrity during open enrollment. Maximize the efficiency of your open enrollment process. Get the insight you need to make it happen.

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Building Private Clouds On Oracle VM

Building Private Clouds on Oracle VM
Learn how to accelerate deployment of Oracle Database and business-critical applications, significantly save on the cost of hosting applications or services, and respond and scale quickly as customer demands grow.

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