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Finding the Right Cloud Solutions for Your Organization

Gartner predicts that by 2020, $216B in IT spend will be redirected from on-premises technology to the cloud, solidifying the argument that it’s no longer “if” organizations will adopt a multi-cloud strategy, but rather “how.” Meanwhile, many organizations are struggling to maximize the value of cloud.

Data Intensity has put together this ebook and infographic to help guide your strategy and journey to the cloud.

What's Inside

  •   State of the Industry and the Cloud Adoption Landscape
  •   Next Generation IT and the Implications for IT with Cloud Strategies
  •   From the Field — Typical Challenges we see Customers Facing and Our Perspective on How to Respond
  •   Mastering the New Cloud Journey — Plus a Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Strategy Checklist
  •   Management Challenges — How Simplification can be the Secret Weapon
  •   Steps to Start Your Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Journeys
  •   How Data Intensity Can Help

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