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When working with a managed services provider, the biggest customer challenges are managing the day-to-day interactions that may impact service delivery, project success, service quality, usability, or general change management activities.

Without the proper controls, systems, and processes in place with your managed services provider, the most significant impact will be higher support costs and lower service quality. E-bonding IT service management systems with your service provider enables a single system of record to manage service tickets that feed support teams’ ability to precisely address issues.


The primary objective for any service provider is to deliver a world-class service measured in response time, quality of the service delivered, and simplicity.

Data Intensity provides multiple ways to integrate service ticketing capabilities with its customers through IT Service Management eBonding, email parsing, and event correlation management (ECM) integration. For customers who also use ServiceNow, Data Intensity provides eBonding capabilities to enable them to leverage their ServiceNow implementation to create, update, and modify service ticket information from a single system. For customers who don’t use ServiceNow, Data Intensity can integrate using other methods based on email parsing and event correlation management tools.


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