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Challenges of BI & Analytics

Your business relies on business intelligence (BI) and data analytics to help you respond quickly to the changing dynamics of your marketplace. Your business decisions impact how you interact with customers, grow revenue streams, and build an enterprise. The ability to extract business intelligence from your primary data assets lets you make timely business decisions but requires critical expertise to get it right.

You need business analytics tools that support an increase in consumption by line-of-business users, with less involvement from IT counterparts. Additionally, there is no shortage of BI and analytics tools and delivery models from which to choose — requiring mastery of new data analytics and BI platforms.

Solutions for Business Intelligence

Data Intensity supports the most advanced BI and data analytics tools, both on-premises and cloud-based, as the shift in BI technologies continues to become more service-based. Our managed data services are tailored to help you build your business technology platforms to deliver the newest BI analytics systems.

Our global functional experts enable customers to choose the right business intelligence technologies for their needs and implement those tools, mapping to data structures and workflow needs in existing enterprise applications. Whether you require knowledge transfer, custom reports, implementation assistance, or guidance on the best data analytics tools to map to your enterprise application needs, Data Intensity will ensure you have the most effective BI platform.

Benefits of Data Analytics & BI Technologies

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