Enterprise Data Integration Applications

Challenges of Enterprise Data Integration

ERP applications tend to evolve over time, requiring more focus and attention to keep enterprise data integration tools running optimally. As SaaS applications grow in popularity across your enterprise, your ability to effectively manage key data integrations that ensure business processes are running smoothly will need to grow in step. As businesses evolve, new functionality is created for enterprise applications and business processes, making maintenance of data governance unmanageable.

The complexity of ensuring proper data mapping, routing and orchestration, application adapter accuracy, understanding data formats, and communication protocols needs to be manageable to mitigate interruptions to the business. Your application integrations must withstand changes in the business as well.

Solutions for Enterprise Technology

Data Intensity delivers high-value functional and technical expertise to support enterprise application technologies in HR, finance, procurement, and product management. Our data integration leadership enables our customers to maximize their ROI on enterprise data architecture investments.

Data Intensity provides an optimized enterprise application support model to drive business outcomes for your existing Oracle implementations. Our global enterprise IT experts and scalable data monitoring toolsets allow our customers to maximize their existing application technology investments, regardless of where they reside.

Benefits of Application Technology

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