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Too often, the cost of acquiring new hardware, software, and services for the lowest possible price creates a hidden value-gap, which many enterprises soon learn the hard way. All organizations are keen to ensure the value they receive from a value-added reseller or solution provider goes beyond merely obtaining the highest discounts possible.

The ever-expanding world of technological advancements, innovations, and deployment options requires a strong skill set in architectural design. In many cases, organizations are learning how to architect solutions on the fly and need a “technology-advisory committee” model comprising multiple vendors’ opinions and promises of excellence and superiority. How do you manage those situations and ensure nimble and accurate transitions to new technologies?


Data Intensity’s strategic partnerships with Oracle, AWS, and Microsoft along with an ever-expanding ecosystem of third-party technology vendors ensures that our capabilities enable us to lead technology transitions for our customers.

Our life-cycle approach to technology asset management for our customers ensures that when we design a custom solution, we design it based on key principles to optimize costs, performance, and security as well as enable scalable growth. In addition to designing your solutions, Data Intensity can procure those assets and leverage our global implementation services to ensure consistency of the delivered assets to maximize time-to-value for your business needs.



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