Enterprise Applications Service Enabled (EASE)


Oracle E-Business Suite (EBS) is the foundation to mission-critical operations at your enterprise. Return on EBS investment value, however, diminishes without effective EBS management and support.

Your finance and IT departments are battling with the rising cost and limited availability of qualified tech labor. Most companies are stuck between services contracts that don’t fully meet EBS needs and overtasked internal staffing. Aged infrastructure, too, creates risk and increasing maintenance costs. Without current and full-depth EBS expertise, your business faces Oracle licensing, security-patch, critical-update, and operational-compliance risks. Without the proper data, strategy, and understanding, most businesses struggle to optimally manage EBS solutions to lowest-cost operations balanced with agility.

How can you optimize Oracle EBS, staff, and spend?


Trust Data Intensity to optimize your Oracle investment and IT effectiveness with our Enterprise Applications Service Enabled (EASE) portfolio, an Oracle Apps and Database Lifecycle Management offering delivered as a Service.

EASE is a comprehensive, all-inclusive, full-lifecycle service on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), includes both technical and functional support, delivered by qualified experts who understand your distinct Oracle environment, to create greater value at a predictable cost.

EASE Benefits

EASE delivers:

  •   Proactive Monitoring and Management
  •   Oracle License Management
  •   Enhanced EBS Patching and Security Services
  •   Enhanced Compliance Support
  •   Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Services
  •   Database Cloning and Environment Refresh Services
  •   Cloud Infrastructure Management
  •   Integration Management and Testing

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