The new, next-generation technologies of the digital economy present two pressing challenges to any business evolving to thrive in this new world.

First, aging infrastructure and the length of time it takes to deploy new services prevent organizations from fully benefiting from the key tools of the digital workplace: big data, the cloud, and mobility. Second, designing, deploying, operating, and optimizing infrastructure to meet the fast-changing demands of today’s workloads can be complex and costly, with plenty of room for human error and resulting downtime. Brand reputation and lost opportunities factor into the cost of downtime, becoming an increasing drag on profitability.

Taken together, these disruptions are driving the demand for intelligent and integrated infrastructure solutions that can quickly adapt to the speed of business.


Data Intensity’s Automation-as-a-Service helps you increase and scale your automation footprint with flexible, consumption-based, SaaS-like delivery model.

We provide unmatched capabilities with comprehensive consulting services that help you automate and optimize your data center operations and set a solid foundation for your cloud journey. Drive business growth with Data Intensity’s Automation-as-a-Service.


Automation-as-a-Service delivers proven results, including:

  •   Reduced compliance risks and business risks
  •   Elimination of human error
  •   40%-plus increase in employees’ ability to focus on customer outcomes
  •   40%-plus reduction in average handling/cycle time
  •   30% to 80% reduction in processing costs
  •   ROI achieved in quarters vs years

Automation-as-a-Service: The Next Evolution Of Robotic Process Automation

Automation-as-a-Service is set to disrupt the technology and professional services industry by democratizing RPA.

In this ebook, we take a closer look at what Automation-as-a-Service means and whether it’s a potentially viable option for your business.

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