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More and more the belief is that cloud infrastructure services are considered a means to an end — implying that any cloud IaaS platform can power any application.

When building your cloud strategy, you need to consider the type of applications being considered for conversion to a cloud-consumption-based platform. Whether the need is to modernize your applications using a “rewrite” strategy, or you’re looking to migrate a workload to a cloud platform, one thing that needs addressing is how the infrastructure and the corresponding workload will be managed. Will you be able to extend your current monitoring tools and management tools into the cloud easily? How will consuming a cloud IaaS service change the visibility of your underlying infrastructure?


Data Intensity has over two decades’ experience in providing cloud and infrastructure services, having led transitions for customers during the rise of hosting services providers in the early 2000s and on to the explosive growth of cloud transitions in both public and private architectures.

Data Intensity owns and operates its own purpose-built, scalable, performant, and secure application-centric private cloud with geographically diverse regions. Our investments in this platform over the past decade has provided hundreds of our customers a platform for their Oracle application, database, and middleware solutions. It also leverages ITIL-compliant tools and processes for exceptional service management capabilities.

As a leader in managing applications in public cloud platforms, Data Intensity continues to expand capabilities leveraging our extensible cloud management platforms, global engineering, and customer support teams.


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