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Over the past two decades, organizations worldwide have been leveraging offshore support models to drive toward continuously improving their IT services. The shift from predominantly leveraging offshore resource models is happening at a growing rate due to increases in regulatory concerns, rising offshore labor costs, and global shifts in technical resource availability.

Organizations now require a more diverse set of outsourcing options with regard to the technical resources that support their technology estates.


Data Intensity offers Opti-Shore built on the same quality of service principles as our 24x7 Global Operations Center Support model.

Opti-Shore provides Data Intensity customers the choice to consume Onshore only, Onshore Blended or Offshore Blended Support models mapped to their unique business requirements. Opti-Shore enables extreme flexibility for customers to optimize outsourced support needs by workload based on a global delivery approach.


Companies establish development centers and teams in multiple locations worldwide with an intention to reap the following benefits:

  •   Lower risk and optimize outsource services
  •   24x7 resource availability
  •   Global access to expertise and knowledge
  •   Mix and match onsite and offshore resources by workload

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