Extracting the True Value of Your Oracle Exadata Investments — A Customer’s Perspective

Webinar Series: CloudFirst Series

High availability, significant storage expansion, scalability, greater value at a lower cost, and improved flexibility and security – all of these are by-products of selecting Oracle Exadata for IT infrastructure. But the real question becomes, now, how do you get the most out of your Exadata investments to ensure the very best performance for your organization?​

An internal Exadata expert or regular support from Oracle aren’t your only options when deciding how to best manage, maintain, and monitor your Exadata platforms. Enhanced stability and improved security are just some of the outcomes Tesco Stores achieved through appointing Data Intensity to manage their Exadata platforms.

Watch our virtual roundtable, “Extracting the True Value of your Oracle Exadata Investments — a Customer’s Perspective,” and:​

  • Understand Tesco’s key business challenges and why Exadata was critical to their needs.
  • Understand the managed solution that led to Tesco’s success​.
  • Understand the lessons learned and key insights to carry forward in executing your Exadata strategy.



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