Discussing Oracle to Azure with the Pros

We met with Kellyn Gorman to talk about working with Oracle on Azure

Recently I had the pleasure of hosting my very first podcast. Whilst I was quite nervous, the subject matter I was hosting on was really close to my heart. See, it has now been over a year that I have been solely focused on moving Oracle Workloads to Public cloud and can honestly say the journey has been amazing.

My guests for the first episode of the CloudFirst podcast are two heavyweights on the Oracle and Azure circuit, and between them have more Ace accreditations up their sleeves than a card shark has in a game of blackjack. Kellyn Gorman SME Engineer at Microsoft and Biju Thomas Data Intensity’s very own Oracle Practice lead.

The podcast’s premise is to understand what we at Data Intensity believe is a movement that is gathering momentum regarding customer desires to move their critical and Legacy Oracle Workloads to the Microsoft cloudAzure. It is fair to say that the industry has recognized the pace that Microsoft is catching up on AWS and the unique positioning that they have presented in the enterprise space. This has only enabled the end-user to begin asking the question – What about Oracle?

Kellyn mentioned to me that “in her time at Microsoft, she has seen a number of customers come to Microsoft with the Anchor of Oracle stalling their cloud migration” or “We just don’t know what to do with our legacy Oracle Infrastructure.” It is fair to say that Biju and I share the same experience, over the last year or so, most conversations I have had, bare the same issues “what about RAC,” “How can we move Oracle to Azure” and the list goes on.

Often the mistake we see is that customers or out of touch partners become obsessed with the idea of moving Oracle in its entirety rather than concentrating on the workload itself. Both Kellyn and Biju highlighted this mistake and that by using toolsets such as AWR reports, we can now analyse the data and use cloud architectural principles to rearchitect for the future.

The words “Nothing is off Limits” from Kellyn today highlighted to me that the customer for the first time in many years is now in the driving seat in terms of what they do with Oracle. Suddenly, whether you are running Oracle App environments, Oracle Engineered Systems, or Standard DB Infrastructure with the odd smidgen of M/W, Azure has an answer.

The Salesperson in me would love to leave the story there and leave you all with happy thoughts of seamless migrations and tales of company-wide backing, however, this is no fairy tale. The same issues that follow us when deciding on any project are still there. We must ensure we plan, and we must get backing from the business and define what success looks like.

Oracle will continue to be a core focus for many businesses, however the conversation now needs to be what is next and how do we take control. Choose an Oracle Services partner that provides the value in helping you understand what’s next and take back control of the direction of your cloud strategy and business. Request your Oracle TCO Transformation Assessment today.


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