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Equinix Cloud Partner

Together, Data Intensity and Equinix deliver transformative, secure, hybrid and multi-cloud enterprise solutions, eliminating unnecessary cost and complexity, bolstering enterprise flexibility, and allowing our customers to focus on their business results.

In combination with Equinix interconnected data centers, Data Intensity’s global service delivery model, deep, full-stack expertise, and advanced tailored solutions accelerate our customers’ time-to-value. We help you ensure data sovereignty and security while also complying with applicable regulations. Our future-proof data centers, infrastructure, and multi-cloud solutions create digitally ready businesses able to take advantage of our flexible consumption models.

Joint Services

Global Capabilities Footprint

Our global reach helps you achieve a more flexible, cost-efficient, and scalable operation. Our ITIL-compliant Service Management Platform, Customer Success Team, and Listen-Design-Implement-Support Methodology ensure you benefit from working with a best-in-class and trusted Managed Services Provider.

Unrivalled Multi-Cloud Workload Management Credentials

As public-cloud markets evolve and mature across IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS deployment models, Data Intensity has invested in the advanced professional expertise and operational tooling necessary to best deploy workloads and best manage enterprise data across Oracle Cloud (OCI), Amazon Cloud (AWS), Microsoft Cloud (Azure), and Data Intensity’s private cloud (DI Cloud).

Cloud Adjacency and Infrastructure Services

With over two decades of proven experience, Data Intensity has led digital transformations — through the rise of hosting service providers in the early 2000s to the explosive growth of cloud adoption in both public and private architectures. Alongside Equinix’s rich ecosystems, we deploy workloads using a cloud-adjacent architecture with physical proximity to and accreditation by all major public-cloud service providers.

Platform Equinix®

The leading global interconnection platform for digital business, Platform Equinix® enables you to reach everywhere, interconnect everyone, and integrate everything. Its interconnection and edge services — deployed in the world’s most strategic and highest-quality data centers — enable repeatable best practices (IOATM), participation in the richest digital ecosystems, and game-changing advantages in speed, performance, and scale.

Service & Support Models

Data Intensity offers two service models to maximize flexibility and comprehensive support to maintain your application and data-driven multi-cloud workloads.

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