Running Oracle Workloads? Access the Experts

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First-of-a-Kind On-Demand Event for Australia & New Zealand Oracle Users
Session Also Available to Oracle Users in the United States​

Interested in best-practice Oracle workload strategy? Are you aware of the cloud-licensing implications? Hear from leading experts regarding how to optimize your Oracle workloads with the right cloud, licensing costs/savings, and services...and maximize your Oracle investments in the process.​

Watch Oracle ACE Director and Data Intensity Global Oracle Practice Director Biju Thomas with Data Intensity Software License Solutions VP Paul Buckley in this unique, first-of-a-kind on-demand event for Australia & New Zealand. Oracle users in the United States also are invited to watch it.​

Data Intensity owns full Oracle lifecycle expertise. An Oracle Partner with over 20 years of experience, Data Intensity is best placed to offer the most suitable Oracle workload cloud, licensing, and services solutions.​

Data Intensity also is cloud-agnostic, so our experts find the best cloud for your specific workloads, whether Oracle Cloud Instructure, Microsoft Azure, or AWS.​

Watch now to learn about our Safe-Switch migration methodology and our Total Cost of Ownership Transformation assessment for Oracle workloads, presented and managed by our experts.​