On-Demand Webinar: Oracle E-Business Suite on Azure

An OATUG Expert E-Learning Event

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Run Oracle EBS in the cloud: from Migration to Management
On-Demand Webinar
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Oracle Workloads on the Azure Cloud

This on-demand webinar—an OATUG expert e-learning event—outlines the steps to estimate the E-Business Suite (EBS) workload capacity requirements and size of the Azure platform. Understand the high availability architecture options without using third party cluster solutions.

You'll learn how to use cloud-native technologies such as Azure Backups and Azure Site Recovery for business continuity instead of traditional on-premises tools. Last but not least, know the license impact when migrating workloads to Azure. Beyond that, you will:

  •   Understand the public cloud options available to run Oracle EBS workloads
  •   Design Oracle EBS on Azure with business continuity and highly available architectures
  •   Estimate capacity requirements to size the environment on Azure
  •   Understand license impact, both database and application