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Comparing Amazon RDS Oracle Database with Oracle Autonomous Database
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Comparing Two Database as a Service Options

In this on-demand webinar presented at RMOUG 2021 Training Days, Data Intensity's Biju Thomas compares the benefits and tradeoffs of the Amazon Web Services RDS Oracle Database with Oracle Autonomous Database. This technical comparison gives you a deep understanding of the capabilities and limitations, and will help you to understand the most suitable service for your application.

You will learn the differences that affect your ability to run the AWS RDS Oracle database for your business, whether a pluggable database of choice of VM works for your environment, how each solution delivers patches and security updates, how they handle backups and disaster recovery tools, and how you manage privileges, among other technical aspects.

This webinar will help you understand both services’ features and contrasts, and is not an attempt to show one is better than the other. It will get technical, so please make some time to dig deep and let us know if you have questions.