Oracle Workload Cloud-Strategy Innovation: A Customer Perspective

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Webinar Series: CloudFirst Series
15 June 2021
10am ET / 3pm BST


How can you gain confidence when planning an Oracle workload migration to the public cloud? Many organizations face strategic and tactical uncertainty regarding moving mission-critical database and applications to the public cloud. Businesses have found great advantage using unique methods and tools. Join our live customer roundtable and learn directly from leading companies about their prevailing challenges and positive experiences of migrating Oracle workloads to the public cloud.

Data Intensity owns a proprietary methodology for safely and effectively migrating Oracle workloads into the cloud. Safe-Switch was developed in conjunction with vendor-specific cloud-migration frameworks and a laser-sharp focus on determining the right licensing, cloud, and services to lower Oracle Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). As a first step in the process, the Data Intensity solution portfolio also includes a Safe-Switch TCO Transformation Assessment to best inform customer TCO understanding, cloud options, and migration strategy.

You are invited to attend, Oracle Workload Cloud-Strategy Innovation: A Customer Perspective on June 15th, 2021, 10am ET / 3pm BST. Join us and:

  • Benefit from listening to real-world customer perspectives
  • Learn to evaluate current workloads against cloud services capabilities
  • Understand how to assess your licensing and support options
  • Discover how to map workloads to modern cloud platforms for optimal performance, security, and reliability.

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