Cloud Migration: Why, How and When

Live Webinar: Digital Transformation in Action with host Alex Hilton
16 February 2021
11am EST/4pm GMT
Streaming Worldwide


Join the Cloud Industry Forum's Digital Transformation in Action webinar series on 16th Feb, 2021 at 11am EST/4pm GMT.

In this newly cloud-first world—driven by the Digital Transformation necessitated by the pandemic—there’s never been a more crucial time to make sure your cloud migration is a success. But a successful cloud migration requires a clear roadmap to help mitigate risk and enable businesses to safely and securely bring their operations to the cloud—and this can be hard to find.

In this episode, host Alex Hilton and guest experts share the essential considerations of cloud migration, including:

  •   What the obstacles to cloud migration are—including a lack of skilled teams and unrealistic timelines
  •   Best practices for successfully overcoming these obstacles
  •   The benefits of successful cloud migration—including data and threat protection, flexibility and scalability
  •   What to be aware of once you’ve migrated: the good, the ‘bad’ and potential unknowns

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