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Senior Manager, Employee Training & Development

Position Summary

The Manager of Employee Training & Development will Direct/Manage/Supervise internal training for new and existing employees that align with organizational initiatives and strategies. A chief component will be developing and managing internal company specific proprietary curriculums as part of the Data Intensity Academy.


Note: This is not a complete list of this positions’ duties and responsibilities. The items below are examples of the types of activities performed. Other duties may be assigned.

  •   Oversee the selection and/or development of materials and appropriate delivery methods (e.g., instructor led, web demos, video conferences, workshops) for programs on a variety of topics (e.g., new employee orientation, job skills training, continuous education, leadership, performance appraisals)
  •   Work across teams to deliver cohesive training plans
  •   Establish metrics to indicate training impact and create evaluation programs that measure effectiveness, updating approaches and curriculum, as necessary
  •   Conduct assessments, analyze data, diagnose organizational inefficiencies, and research information to execute on solutions-oriented measures that will improve the efficacy of the organization
  •   Liaise, maintain, and build relationships with educational institutions
  •   Develop training programs that increase employee retention, company efficiency and brand recognition (e.g., corporate university, internships, etc.)

Job Duties:

  •   Collaborate with management across all functional areas to identify company training needs
  •   Schedule appropriate training sessions
  •   Oversee and direct seminars, workshops, individual training sessions (including train the trainer), and lectures
  •   Plan and implement an effective training curriculum
  •   Supervise training budgets
  •   Prepare hard copy training materials such as module summaries, videos, and presentations
  •   Train and guide new employees
  •   Develop monitoring systems to ensure that all employees are performing job responsibilities according to training
  •   Raise awareness of company training opportunities to employees and provide information on benefits to encourage participation
  •   Build and maintain good relationships with universities and other educational institutions
  •   Host in-house career days for students and recent graduates
  •   Attend college career fairs, interact with students, and promote our brand


  •   7+ years progressive experience in adult learning and eLearning, 2 years of which must be specialized in a technology, e.g., Oracle, Microsoft, Cloud Technologies, etc
  •   Conducted virtual or in-person classroom training related to technology (can be in a non-work-related setting)
  •   Designed in-house training programs to align with and advance company goals and objectives
  •   Excellent networking capabilities
  •   Excellent time management, problem-solving, and both verbal and written communication skills
  •   Ability to handle multiple assignments and assess, analyze, and present data
  •   Experience with accreditation and certification organization criteria, policies, standards, and processes
  •   Experience with Learning Management System (LMS) platforms (e.g., Cornerstone)

Education and Other Qualifications

  •   Bachelor’s degree in relevant field
  •   Ideally hold a current Certified Trainer qualification, e.g., Microsoft Certified Trainer
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