Enterprise Service Assurance

Onsite Full-Time System Administration Services for Large Businesses

A shared remote administration operation is effective and cost-efficient for most small- and medium-sized organizations. However, large enterprises may need a dedicated team of resources to manage their infrastructure. For these organizations, Data Intensity has Enterprise Service Assurance (ESA) for systems.

ESA leverages the optimized Continuous Service Assurance (CSA) operation that manages the monitoring, troubleshooting and documented routine processes of an organization – but also includes a dedicated system administrator or team of system administrators committed 100 percent to the customer for enhanced service and infrastructure management.

The dedicated team is also able to perform higher-value administration functions that are unique to large data environments that may go beyond the scope of the CSA service. In those cases, having a knowledgeable, dedicated set of resources is critical – detailed expertise within the specific data environment is necessary to ensure optimization, informed recommendations, efficient upgrades and effective management.

By adding dedicated system administrators to our CSA service, large organizations benefit from:

  • Reduced costs associated with the standardization and optimization of routine administration tasks
  • Reliable, continuously functioning IT systems
  • Robust IT operation with enhanced expertise and system performance

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