Continuous Service Assurance

Continuous Service Assurance (CSA) from Data Intensity is the solution for timely, reliable and cost-efficient system administration services. With CSA, organizations can have the essential functions of system maintenance in an automated and optimized remote service. You receive the cost benefits of a leveraged and scalable operation, while maintaining your custom processes using our intelligent technology.

The service offers 24×7 support of the system environment through monitoring, system-level troubleshooting and documented routine processes.

24×7 System Monitoring
Automated checks of the system environment to identify system issues. Checks include:

  • System availability
  • Alert logs for severe operational errors
  • System space allocations
  • System resources
  • System file system space
  • Automated backups and maintenance

24×7 System Troubleshooting
The research and corrective actions taken by Data Intensity, in response to critical system-level notifications. Troubleshooting tasks include:

  • Standard operating procedures (SOPs)
  • 24×7 critical support and remediation
  • System return to normal operations
  • Root cause analysis of critical events
  • Native system recovery

Routine Administration Processes
Each customer has unique standard operating procedures (SOPs) and routine maintenance needs. If it can be clearly defined, it can be successfully executed. Special alerts can be routed to the customer or to Data Intensity, depending on customer preference. Data Intensity takes customer-defined actions in response to these alerts, as well as for routine automated maintenance procedures.

Service Management Reporting
The ONguard clientDIRECT Portal provides customers with data regarding the status and quality of the service and the performance of the system. Report data includes:

  • Ticket status and trends
  • Alert summaries
  • Service request summaries
  • System performance and trend data
  • Quality and event data

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Continuous Service Assurance

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