Remote Application Management

Satisfied with your internal data center or not ready to move to a hosted or cloud solution – but still want the advantages and expertise behind an application management solution?

Leverage our remote application management services for your day-to-day support needs. Whether we’re your sole source of expertise or are augmenting your existing team, Data Intensity is always available to provide support when you need it most.

Data Intensity has been providing a full suite of managed services for Oracle enterprise applications and technologies since our founding in 2001. And, since then, we have expanded our offerings to include most of Oracle’s application landscape and a variety of supporting products from other vendors. Our enterprise architects and engineers provide strategic leadership, real-world implementation and unparalleled operational execution in your data center or third-party facility.

Our customers look to us to provide:

  • True 24×7 coverage – No sick days, no vacations, no overtime and no comp time. We mitigate your key resource employee risk.
  • A deep bench – Need three things done at once? It’s hard to do if your engineer only has one set of hands. Trying to juggle too many things leads to costly errors that your business just can’t afford. With Data Intensity’s service offerings, multi-tasking is as simple as making multiple requests, and we do the rest.
  • The right expertise for the job – You don’t need a rock-star engineer to apply a simple patch, and you don’t want a mid-level DBA flying solo troubleshooting your failed MRP run. Data Intensity’s operational model allows us to assign the right resource to the right task, no matter how big or how small, 24×7.
  • The automation to help us do the job faster and with fewer errors – We’ve been in this business a long time, and we know that if we have to do something more than once, we should automate it. Our automation allows our engineers to focus on getting the job done right.
  • Partnership and passion – Using us for Oracle Database support but your VMware cluster crashed? Our CustomerFirst™  approach means that if you need it, we’ll help.

Our Functional Service Desk supports and augments your functional super users and development teams to provide 100% end-to-end capabilities. We are a true extension of your team. CustomerFirst™ ensures that if there’s something you need, we’ll be there – 24x7x365. We are flexible, consistent and ready to lend our expertise – any time, day or night. Because we’re not satisfied until you are.

Application Management Technical Services

The benefits:

  • Predictable, fixed monthly fee options
  • 24×7, application-specific proactive and reactive monitoring services
  • Access to application-specific engineering, operating standards, automation, and runbooks
  • Expertise with complex application topologies
  • Understanding of cross-application integration and data flows
  • Vendor-agnostic support model with software vendor integration


The services:

  • Monitoring Services – Take advantage of our pre-built application monitors, backed by our 24×7 monitoring and service desk teams and hundreds of years of combined application support experience.
  • Architecture and Planning Services – We design them. We build them. We move them. We help you figure out when and how to keep your critical applications up and performing at their peak. And our designs always reflect a build-to-manage approach with an eye toward supportability.
  • Change and Release Management Services – Configuration management, code promotions, patching, and cloning are critical to all application lifecycles. Our automation platform was built to handle these tasks with consistency and speed. But we take it a step further, working with our customers to develop long-range plans that allow them to stay a step ahead of the curve, with no surprises for them or their businesses.
  • Incident and Problem Management Services – When things go bump in the night, our teams spring into action. Our monitoring tools are tightly integrated with our ticketing system – so if an event occurs, a ticket is generated and we’re instantly on the case. Whether our monitoring proactively alerts us to a problem or a customer alerts us to an event, our troubleshooting runbooks ensure that we take the right path in managing an incident to closure. And our ITIL-compliant customer portal and integrated knowledgebase ensure that we don’t have to solve the same problems more than once.
  • Performance and Capacity Planning – We leverage the data from our monitoring tools, along with the deep knowledge of our customers’ applications, to provide comprehensive performance reporting and build actionable capacity plans.
  • Backup and Restore – Led by our dedicated backup team, rest easy knowing that we’ve got you covered if your systems need to be recovered. Our backup schedules are fully customizable, and include disk, tape, remote replication, and offsite storage options.
  • High Availability – Downtime of your enterprise application could mean thousands of dollars lost every minute. We design and support all variants of high availability features of the applications we support, from the built-in capabilities of virtualization through Oracle RAC, to our custom OS-level high availability features and the intricacies of WebLogic clustering.
  • Disaster Recovery – Nobody wants to think about disaster striking, but we’ve got it built into almost every cloud package we offer. Your data is always safe in a diverse FEMA zone. For customers that require a higher level of recovery than our Standard Disaster Recovery service, upgrade to one of our Enhanced Disaster Recovery offerings.
  • Information Lifecycle Management (ILM) – Storage requirements are growing, on average, 30-40% per year according to Gartner. We actively leverage vendor-provided tools to ensure your systems are purged of unnecessary and temporary data on a regular basis. Need to tackle the problem more aggressively? Ask us about our third-party offerings for ILM.
Application Management Functional Services

The benefits:

  • Hours-based, with the benefit of predictable monthly spend and the ability to roll over unused time
  • Integration with DBA teams to eliminate lags in communication for solving complex issues
  • Access to experts with diverse consulting backgrounds
  • Expertise with complex application topologies
  • Understanding of cross-application integration and data flows
  • Vendor-agnostic support model with software vendor integration


The services:

  • Expert-on-Call – Can’t close your books? Interested in how the latest manufacturing functionality could impact your business? Need to improve payroll performance? Use our team of experts to solve some of the most complex functional issues.
  • Development Services – Let our developers handle all your application customization, integration, and support needs. Need a report or data extract written? Need a new PL/SQL package developed to integrate a new quality system your company is rolling out? We’ve got you covered with some of the most experienced, cross-technical developers in the industry.
  • Other Vendors – We support more than 250 applications, including Microsoft, IBM, Dell, Deltek, Vertex, and many more.

Applications Managed

  • Oracle EBS
  • PeopleSoft
  • Siebel
  • Hyperion
  • Business Intelligence
  • Agile
  • Demantra
  • GRC Suite
  • Billing & Revenue Management

Application Management Technology

  • WebLogic
  • SOA
  • Identity Management
  • WebCenter
  • ATG Web Commerce
  • Database Vault
  • Audit Vault
  • Enterprise Manager