Analytics and Business Intelligence Services

Your data is only as valuable as its ability to help you grow your customer base, optimize your operations and measure your performance. Data Intensity’s Analytics and Business Intelligence Services are designed around planning, architecting, visualizing, and analyzing your data, so that big data pays big dividends for your business.

Making Data Meaningful

Data Intensity delivers meaningful data that makes complex business decisions clear. We work with you to transform your BIG DATA into ACTIONABLE DATA so you can focus on growing and optimizing your business with services that get you the information you need, when and how you need it.

Each component of our detailed process has been refined for over two decades so that you get results…not complexity. The results our customers have achieved speak for themselves: organizational growth, optimized efficiency and the ability to accurately and simply measure the results.

Data Intensity can help you grow your sales and revenue through analytics about your customers, campaigns and competitors.

Learn how a Fortune 100 Manufacturing Firm generated $20 million in new profits annually.

Data Intensity can help you discover quality issues, increase productivity and improve your business operations.

Learn how a global Manufacturer cut production plan modeling by 75%.

Data Intensity can help you measure and analyze your organization’s productivity, employee development and financial performance.

Learn how an Investor-Owned Utility Company moved from decisions based on gut-feel to data-driven decisions.

Traditional vendors miss the mark by focusing on the technology and not the business results. Data Intensity makes data meaningful by focusing on your ability to Grow, Optimize & Measure your business. To learn how, schedule a free consultation with one of our data analytics specialists by calling 1-877-687-3227, or scheduling a meeting online today.

Learn more about our offerings below:

Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Business Analytics Alignment and Assessment
  • Project Planning
    Align your data needs along a well-defined roadmap
  • System Architecture
    Create a solid foundation for your big data initiative
  • Data Visualization
    Present your data intuitively for actionable results
  • Data Analysis
    Use your data to better grow, optimize and measure

Business Analytics Alignment and Assessment
Your business relies on responding quickly to changing information. Without the latest and most complete data and the best analytics available, you can’t be sure you have the insight and forecasting accuracy you need when you need it. An analytics assessment and improvement roadmap enhances your business’s agility and competitiveness by giving you a plan for improvements to decision-making processes, organizational readiness and the supporting technology framework.

Using a proven collaborative process, our experts work with your business leaders to develop an attainable, multi-phase roadmap for expanding the reach and value of analytics. Our analytics alignment and assessment methodology, which includes a review of our Analytics Maturity Model, provides key reports and plans, including:

  • Your Current State of Analytics Maturity (based on the Data Intensity Analytics Maturity Model)
  • Current State Conceptual Data Model
  • Data Quality Issues Report
  • Reporting and Performance Metrics Inventory
  • Analytics Opportunities Inventory
  • Custom Roadmap for Analytics Improvements

Well-designed business analytics expedite decision-making, reduce errors and guesswork, and foster strategic consensus among executives and stakeholders.

Project Planning

Data Intensity’s Analytics and Business Intelligence Services begin with a solid foundation of Project Planning. By defining needs, objectives and strategies up front, your big data initiative will achieve your business objectives. At Data Intensity, we understand that realizing a return on investment takes more than technology. We will work with you to ensure the right strategy is in place, along with the right people, process, data and cultures to help you achieve your goals of growth and optimization.

Comprehensive Project Planning Includes:

  • Project Management
  • Strategy Alignment
  • Needs Assessment
  • Information Roadmap
  • Data Governance
  • Process Improvement
  • Change Management

Project Planning lays the foundation in the process of making your data meaningful.

Data Architecture

Data Architecture services from Data Intensity focus on constructing the underlying data assets of an organization. We utilize rapid iterations to get results into the hands of our clients quickly and reliably. These same principles are used to create interoperability between data sets and systems through designing and building solutions focusing on the movement, transformation, cleansing and provisioning of data. By building your big data strategy on a solid foundation of data agility, integrity and interoperability, you will have fast and accurate data for well-informed decision making.

A Comprehensive Data Architecture Includes:

  • Data Modeling
  • Data Warehouse
  • Information Architecture
  • Data Migration
  • Master Data Management
  • ETL Technologies

A well-developed Data Architecture is critical to make your data meaningful.

Data Visualization

Data Visualization is the gateway to making your data meaningful.  Effectively visualizing your data is the engine for value creation — where you find answers to the critical questions that enable your organization to increase earnings, grow customers, create efficiency, develop new products, and navigate the competitive landscape. Innovative Data Visualization reveals the patterns, possibilities and paths to success that are present in your data.

Powerful Data Visualization Includes:

  • KPI Development
  • Scorecards and Performance Displays
  • Dashboard Design and Development
  • Simulation Modeling
  • Mobile Interfaces

Clear and simple Data Visualization is what makes your data meaningful.

Data Analysis

Data Intensity can help make your data meaningful with our Data Analysis services. By applying our intellectual, technical and creative talents, we help you to reveal the patterns, possibilities and paths to success that are present in your data. In other words, we utilize the tools and capabilities developed in the previous phases while transitioning to the role of Data Scientist. Our Data Scientists have a keen eye for how data can be revealed and utilized for business breakthroughs.

Insightful Data Analysis Includes:

  • Data Discovery and Interpretation
  • Simulation and Scenario Modeling
  • Predictive and Prescriptive Modeling
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Focused Recommendations

Data Intensity’s Data Analysis services help you to find what is meaningful in your data.

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Learn more about Data Intensity Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions:

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