Analytics and Business Intelligence

Making Data Meaningful isn’t just a catch phrase; it’s the mission fulfilled daily by Data Intensity’s Analytics team members in locations around the nation and the world.  For more than 20 years, Data Intensity has been focused on real business value, which we enhance in two ways. First, we work with business units in companies large and small to help them identify, gather, analyze and capitalize on the valuable data that resides in every corner of their enterprise. Second, we free IT staff in hundreds of companies to focus on their valuable business knowledge, while we provide true 24×7 coverage for critical and important day-to-day concerns like availability and recoverability.  Simply put, we give clients the tools and the time to make better decisions.

Making Data Meaningful

With Data Intensity’s Analytics & Business Services, we deliver meaningful data to you that makes complex business decisions clear. We begin with a detailed project plan that defines the key questions that the data must answer. We then deliver an information system specific to your needs that enables clear visualization and interpretation of your data.

With Data Intensity, your BIG DATA becomes ACTIONABLE DATA. Now, you can focus on GROWING your business, OPTIMIZING your operations, and MEASURING your performance with a service that gets you the information you need, when and how you need it. Stop worrying about your data and start using it!

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Analytics and Business Intelligence Services